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Here’s a link to my 2011 album Uncanny Valley, in glorious digital formats:

You can also search me on Spotify, Rhapsody, and probably other less popular sites. And if you feel like telling me how awesome it is, connect with me on facebook, or send me an email.


About the artist:

Jesse Newman is a solo composer and avid violinist working from central Connecticut (formerly Troy NY and New York City). His eclectic brand of accessible laptop music is inspired by house techno, trance, drum and bass, industrial, and classical music. During performances, his songs are accompanied by live electric violin with distinct digital processing, setting new boundaries for instrumental electronica.

A New York City native, he has been performing as a violinist and a violist in various youth and semiprofessional orchestras for over fifteen years. His solo violining and electronic compositions have been featured across New York and Connecticut. In addition to playing solo, he performs with
Olive Tiger. See a recent performance here.

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Also see the
youtube site for videos.

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